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The characteristics of the dedicated server
- Nov 25, 2016 -

Special dynamic means must be with a particular position servo drive controller (CNC) interface using the drive. FANUC company production of alpha, beta, I series ac servo (figure 2), 611 u series produced by SIEMENS company ac servo, etc are designed for servo drive.

At present, special drive and use the dedicated internal bus connection between CNC (such as FANUC FSSB bus, SIEMENS PROFIBUS bus, etc.), and to realize controlling actuator in the form of network communication and data transmission between CNC and servo bus USES special communication protocol. No open external, drive can not be used independently.

Special is the biggest characteristic of servo drive a jump control on CNC, it will all axis movement as a move to control the body, CNC can not only real-time monitoring of axes position follow error, the actual movement and a paw to parameters such as speed, but also can be coordinated control between the axes. Therefore, it is a real sense of position closed-loop system. Its positioning precision profile Control performance is far superior to the use of general servo on Advanced CNC system, CNC system can be controlled by "deceleration interpolation bowl", "AI first Control (Advanced Preview Control)" can be defined Control function. Further is the contour machining precision.

For CNC system using a dedicated servo drive, the drive of the parameters setting, condition monitoring, debugging and optimization can be directly conducted on CNC MDI/LCD unit, drive need not operation panel.