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Servo motor inverter contactor fault reason analysis
- Nov 25, 2016 -

This paper analyzes the reasons of damage

(1) after the level has a short circuit, over current fault contact ablation.

(2) line package quality is bad, lines) burning, burning disconnection and can't suck.

(3) for contactor with electronic circuit, for electronic circuit damage and cannot move, so better don't have such contact.

(4) damaged by bombing the flame.

Inverter contactor damage judgment

(1) for the inverter bridge module to blow up, filtering electrolytic capacitor explosion and other serious overcurrent level before and after the short circuit of frequency converter, to check whether all influence the contactor. Common damage are contactor ablation, sintering, and contactor plastic deformation.

(2) a few contact line break and no action will happen.

Change the contactor

(1) choose the same model, same size, line voltage of the same product replacement, such as the type, performance, size, voltage should be the same.

(2) if the old contactor, internal parts can be replaced and repaired, but it must be strictly in accordance with the original internal assembly assembled correctly.

(3) the contact of ablation is not serious, may continue to use with fine abrasive cloth sanding carefully.

(4) by the current contactor to flow through the screw connection copper bar and wire must be real tight to reduce fever.