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Servo motor trend of the development of the future will be very promising
- Nov 25, 2016 -

Development of servo motor system went through a process from hydraulic to electrical, electrical servo system based on the drive motor type can be divided into direct current (DC) servo system and AC (AC) servo system. Ac servo system by using the drive motor type and can be divided into permanent magnet synchronous motor (SM) ac servo system and induction ac induction motor (IM) servo system.

Due to the complexity of mechanical structure found in the dc servo motor, including maintenance workload big brush, commutator, etc has become the bottleneck of dc servo drive technology development. As the microprocessor technology, high-power power electronic technology mature and the development of permanent magnet motor and cost reduction, ac servo system to get great progress and will gradually replace the dc servo system.

Ac servo motor as a kind of high-grade precision components, control motor will steadily increase its market demand, its application prospect will be very bullish on nearly five years.

The special servo motor market demand can not be ignored

Based on customer specific single application, due to its special technical and cost indicators, general servo products (including imports) it is difficult to meet the requirements, this will require a customised, embedded in the original servo motor drives the user specific motion control function, can significantly reduce the product cost. These typical industry customers have a certain mass, and requires high reliability. Beijing hollysys motor technology co., LTD., the digital servo products in the textile equipment, printing equipment, elevator equipment, robotics and other industries have been mature.

Intelligent servo motor will be used widely

In general servo driver, on the basis of additional PLC and motion control functions, and have the network communication function, to form an independent uniaxial motion controller, achieve certain motion control functions, such as: point-to-point positioning, etc., can be widely used in automatic production lines and other applications.

In recent years, in the huazhong nc, guangzhou CNC, aerospace CNC, servo drive and motor product of science and technology has entered the stage of industrialization, but also mainly concentrated in the numerical control machine tool industry, in more than 400 w power specifications, not form a full range of specifications and standards for the entire automation industry products. With China as a manufacturing power, in addition to the CNC machine tool industry, other industries increased year by year, demand for all kinds of servo motors, servo motor manufacturers abroad in succession planning or already in the domestic set up wholly owned factories, use of local resources and cheap labor, mass production of various specifications of the general-purpose servo motor products.

Domestic servo motor design and production technology has been perfect, at present mainly toward standardization, seriation, scale development direction, can only have a certain scale of high reliability and low cost and competitive products. But domestic servo motor of the fully digital drive technology is relatively backward, mainly confined to the lack of practical motor digital control algorithm and the high reliability of power module, which greatly limits the promotion of domestic servo motor.