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The cause of the abnormal noise and motor running
- Nov 25, 2016 -

1, when the phase of the stator and rotor rubbing, can produce a harsh "scrape" touch, this is caused by bearing has some problem. Check the bearing, the damage is updated. If the bearing is not bad, go and find the bearing inner ring or outer ring, can be set or replace bearing and end cover.

2, motor phase operation deficiency, roar extremely large. Can power switch again, look to whether can normal starting again, if you can't start, may be a fuse cutout. Switch and contactor contacts a not connect will occur, the lack of phase operation.

3, bearing severe lack of oil, from the bearing chamber "hissing" sound can be heard. Clean the bearing, add new oil.

4, the blades touch the shell, or have sundry, ping. Should be corrected blades to remove debris around the blades.

Article 5, cage rotor guide fracture or wound rotor winding connection disconnected, sometimes high in low "buzzing" sound, speed is slow, the current increase, should check processing. Other bad cooperation the length of the motor rotor and stator, such as the length is much longer than the length of the rotor, stator and bearing hole wear is too large, the rotor axial channeling dynamic, also can produce "buzzing" sound.

6, stator winding end connection error, has a low roar, speed also fell, the check is called.