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The characteristics of the general servo
- Nov 25, 2016 -

General servo driver is a kind of itself with the closed-loop position control functions, can be directly through the external pulse command control servo motor position and speed controller, as long as change instruction pulse frequency and quantity, namely can achieve the goal of changing speed and positioning location (figure 1). General servo usually can receive line driver output and open collector output positive &negative pulse signal (or pulse and direction signals), can also receive raise points the pulse signal of the phase difference of 90 °. In advanced drive. Also can use network bus control technology. But, in order to ensure that the drive universality, make use of bus and communication protocol must be universal and Open, PROFIBUS, cc-link Device - NET, CAN Open general bus and protocol, etc.

General servo driver is an independent position control device, it to the superior position controller (instruction pulse provider) no request, pulse to CNC and PLC. To command pulse drive and position matching, driver must with plate used in the operation of the data set and display. In addition, due to general servo position control and regulating function by controlling the actuator itself. Therefore, location and speed detection signal without feedback to the CNC; But in order to back to the needs of the reference point, the zero pulse motor need to input to the CNC.

That is, form a complete set of general servo CNC device in fact only equivalent to a simple instruction pulse generator, it is not for positioning and follow error produced by contour machining, the actual speed and position control of the chariot to parameters such as control, coordinate axis and coordinate axis is also independent movement. Cannot be adjusted according to actual location 7 j trajectory.

Because of this, when we are in the choice of CNC system or machine must clearly recognize that supporting general servo drive of the CNC system, relative to the CNC, its axis location is the open loop control. In this sense. The role of general servo drive work actually similar to stepping drive, but it can be a continuous control of the bell, there is no "out of step" phenomenon. Therefore, such not only can not by CNC CNC system parameter setting and optimization of the driver. And form a complete set of special servo of the CNC system signs than fall in round positioning accuracy, na control performance (for example, the circular arc interpolation, ellipse machining, etc.) and so on have obvious difference.