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The daily maintenance of ac servo motor
- Nov 25, 2016 -

(1) during normal operation, every day should be earnestly on daily inspection tour of frequency converter, inspect content mainly includes: the operation of the converter indicating whether distance and on-site check it, operation mode and requirements is in line with the inverter whether the normal operation parameters, whether the Pi inverter fan operation is normal in inverter cabinet contained in the reactor for overheating or appear within the electromagnetic noise frequency converter for vibration or abnormal sound. If found any of these more than often, in conditions allow, should be timely treatment.

(2) due to the output using the contactor, the device should be shut down, often to output GuiZhu contactor and other auxiliary contact for inspection, carefully observe the contactor action contact arc, burrs or surface oxidation, uneven, and found that this kind of problems to deal with its corresponding action contact for replacement, to ensure its safe and reliable contact, unapt appear unbalanced situation.

(3) regular inspection on frequency converter, cleaning, dust removal, with a focus on the rectifier and inverter part and control cabinet, clear inverter air inlet and outlet on the dust.

(4) during the overhaul (usually once every four years), should be inspected as follows: to lose one 'fuse in the rectifier and inverter, the dc input to conduct a comprehensive inspection, found that burned in a timely manner to replace one by one check whether the capacitor is a local overheating, appearance without bubble or deformation, if there is a part of rectifier and inverter should be replaced the diode electrical tests, G d O the multimeter, measure its forward and reverse resistance value, to see if the interelectrode resistance is normal, the same types of devices are in good condition, if necessary, to replace two check control circuit terminal row of aging, loose, whether the cable connection is firm, the circuit board is installed firmly check the ac and dc bus in the inverter (including into the output line or inverter) with and without deformation, corrosion and oxidation, bus joint screw is loose, the installation of fixed point of fastening screws is loose, fixed with insulation or insulating column with and without cracking or deformation, should be replaced in a timely manner, if any, retighten, do not allow the bus or grounding connection bolt or to discharge may check the output of thermal relay contactor, check the setting value and contact is correct and reliable.