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The development trend of servo system
- Nov 25, 2016 -

From the servo system of three parts: view of the development of the servo motor, encoder, drives, ac servo motor is the mainstream. Motor itself will be developed to the direction of high performance, high power density. Under the condition of the same power output, the volume of motor itself will be smaller and smaller. As below the 1.5 KW power AC servo motor volume is only about 1/10 of the original traditional three-phase induction motor. Thanks to the motor manufacturing technology constantly improve themselves. Such as: the adoption of high performance magnetic materials and the concentrated winding density winding of the stator segmentation technology adoption, the stator lamination adhesive technology adoption. Optimization of magnetic circuit design and the application of thermal analytical technique makes the cooling performance of the motor has been increasing.

At the same time, due to the specific requirements of the various industries, servo motor will be from general FA industry to differentiation, the path of directional design. Such as maintenance free, dust-free, explosion-proof, torque ripple, high or low rated speed microminiaturization, internal directly with brake motor, reducer, ball screw, coupling, torque, temperature sensor, encoder and even drive controller ALL IN ONE integrated servo feature.

In fact, in the traditional FA industry, especially in household appliances, automobile electronics, textile, aviation industries such as electronics, machinery, all kinds of brushless dc servo motor has been widely and a large number of applications. In the traditional sense of the commutator of the dc servo motor is replaced by the brushless dc servo motor. Especially in the application scope of small power, it has irreplaceable low cost, small volume, high reliability (usually need not photoelectric encoder feedback), can be a battery-powered etc advantages. So the actual using quantity will be very considerable.

For feedback encoder components, its development mainly lies in miniaturization, low cost, high resolution, high reliability, network connection, the absolute value, high response, province coding, etc. Structurally, in order to reduce costs, the mainstream of Japanese servo motor encoder are used from integral to separate. In order to improve the reliability of separate encoder, improved from the installation method, has been into the motor after bearing seat of the integration of the design. By the adoption of sinusoidal interpolation technology, resolution has been greatly improved, from the early 210, has grown to 224-228 / per revolution. To improve the stability of the low speed of the servo motor control Have very great help to reduce the ripple at low speed. But have no direct effect to improve the accuracy of position control. Of course, there are similar to the pitch compensation the same software compensation, can improve the physical resolution of lap, thus actually improving the precision of positioning control. This indexing turntable in the use of robot control, can get effective effect. It is due to the application of splicing technology, makes the rotary encoder will also be in high precision servo control in harsh environments has wider application. Now has 224 / per resolution of rotary encoder on the servo motor. Encoder is serial communication province wire system, the frequency of communication also can only be limited to 10 m. As the servo control of high resolution, high precision, high response to the requirements of growing, encoder communication frequency increase will also is a main direction.

Finally, for servo drive controller, its developing direction of the development of IT industry, there will be more refreshing feeling. Have a look at today's cell phone camera, etc., its rich and colorful variety of function is not difficult to imagine that there are a lot of functions can be reference and transplantation to servo drive controller.

From the vector control technology of the ac servo motor itself has been gradually perfect. From the point of view of real-time operating system, it is only need to deal with the real-time response of a function module. Because the multi-functional and intelligent requirement of the controller, a lot of signal processing, the establishment of various mathematical models to satisfy the needs of the control and operation, network communications, and other functional modules will be under the unified dispatch and management of real-time operating system to get accurate and reliable running.

Therefore, the next generation of servo drive controller is a set of modern control technology of crystallization, and is not in the traditional sense of the power amplifier.

Now has the domestic companies will WIFI wireless communication technology used in the servo control parameters to adjust operation monitoring, etc. The USB communication technology touch screen control technology, have been applied now. In view of the servo drives the development of the next generation, has quite a few companies are considering the adoption of a new generation of mobile phone use CPU and the technology of real-time operating system. Everyone know fool camera technology, the use of it the layman can take beautiful photos. So believe that the next generation with the servo driver is bound to be a key self-tuning function, the application of the servo will become more and more popular. Because its very convenient adjustment and debugging. If the customer really make uncertain, can through WIFI manufacturers remote diagnosis and solve the after-sales service personnel.