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What it takes for 3 kw ac servo motor selection
- Nov 25, 2016 -

3 kw ac servo motor selection need what conditions? Calculation method is as follows:

The confirmation of a, rotational speed and the encoder resolution. High speed movement speed, the more the encoder resolution precision is higher.

Second, the motor shaft load torque conversion and deceleration torque calculation.

Third, the computational load inertia, and load inertia matching, such as Japan yaskawa servo motor, the partial products of inertia matching up to 50 times, but actually as small as possible, so good for precision and response speed.

Four, regeneration of resistance calculation and selection, for servo, generally more than 2 kw, outside to configuration.

Twisted-pair cable shielding five, cable selection, encoder, absolute value encoder for yaskawa servo plot series products is 6 core, incremental is 4 core choose rated power 3 KW and 3.5 KW. Rated speed 3000 r/min. The servo motor. The servo drives and motors, choose a manufacturer. Servo motor torque is enough to check samples of different manufacturers.