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Distinguish Between The Servo Control System
- Nov 24, 2016 -

According to entering the comparison signal and feedback test way, in the form of closed loop (closed loop) system can be divided into pulse compare servo system, the phase comparison servo system and three kinds of amplitude comparison servo system:

Open loop system

It is mainly performed by the driver circuit, components and machine 3 major components. Commonly used actuators is stepping motor, often said by step motor open loop components as the implementation of the system for the stepping servo system, in this system, if it is a high power drive, with stepping motor as executive component. Drive circuit is the main task of the command pulse can be converted to drive components of the signal.

The closed-loop system

Closed loop system is mainly composed of actuators, detection unit, compare the link, driving circuit and machine tool of five parts. In a closed loop system, detecting element to actual location of the machine moving parts detected translates into electrical signal feedback to compare. Common detecting element are rotating transformer, inductosyn, grating, the magnetic grid and coded disk, etc. Usually installed on the screw of the servo system is called a half closed loop system composed of detecting element; The installation on the workbench servo system of detecting element is called a closed-loop system. Due to the presence of a transmission error between screw and the workbench, the precision of half closed loop servo system to lower than the accuracy of the closed loop servo system.