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Servo Motor Brake
- Nov 25, 2016 -

Users tend to electromagnetic braking and regenerative braking, the role of dynamic braking confusion, choose the wrong parts.

The dynamic brake is composed of dynamic braking resistor, the failure, stop, when power outage through energy consumption braking shortening the distance between the servo motor mechanical feed.

Regenerative braking is refers to the servo motor on the brake to slow down or stops the energy feedback to dc bus through the inverter circuit, the resistance capacity circuit absorption.

Electromagnetic brake is by mechanical device lock the motor shaft.

The difference between the three:

(1) regenerative braking works in normal working conditions must be in the server, the failure, stop, when the power outage cases, unable to brake motor. The dynamic brake and electromagnetic brake work without power supply.

(2) the work of regenerative braking is the system automatically, and dynamic brake and electromagnetic brake work need external relay control.

(3) the electromagnetic brake in SV, OFF after the start, otherwise may cause the amplifier overload, a dynamic brake in SV, start after power OFF or the primary loop, otherwise may cause dynamic braking resistor is overheating.