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Servo Motor Has Its Inevitable Shortcomings
- Nov 24, 2016 -

One, not static

Due to adopting closed-loop control, servo motor itself structure and the characteristics of the decision, servo motor can't absolute rest when to stop, in a small load disturbance or servo motor parameter debugging good cases, the servo motor is always fluctuates between plus or minus 1 pulse (about the encoder position servo drive can be observed values, which fluctuated between plus or minus 1). In image processing, this is a factor influencing the accuracy.

Second, the overshoot

When from higher to lower, or static, inevitably overshoot a distance, and then back in the correct. When the controller sends a pulse to the servo motor, servo motor is often not a pulse, but walked three pulse, and then in the back of two pulses. This for those who need a pulse a pulse movement, absolutely not allowed to overshoot occasions fatal.

Three, debugging complex

Servo driver inside frequently hundreds of parameter, using several hundred pages of specification, and makes new career; Change a brand servo motor, also can let veterans really a headache. This is for after-sales service and maintenance has brought a lot of work.

Four, low-speed peristalsis

When low speed servo motor run will appear peristalsis or crawl.

But the closed-loop stepper motor is perfectly solves the above problem. Because of the closed loop stepper motor is not a simple to the stepper motor with an encoder, but is carried out in accordance with the working principle of the servo motor system design and development. It USES a 32-bit DSP do give priority to the processor, in order to assure the high response and high speed of the whole system, can achieve every 25 microseconds can adjust the current of a motor, encoder with 10000 pulses/circle, and is the encoder metal encoder, both to ensure the accuracy and also ensures that the temperature and vibration environment, high adaptability, stability and reliability, or even better than the glass of the servo motor encoder encoder.

Closed-loop stepper motor due to is the ontology is stepping motor of the machine, is an absolute stillness when still. Secondly, the closed-loop stepper motor due to combined with the characteristics of the stepper motor and servo control mode, so will not overshoot.

Debugging and use very easy, you just need to adjust the position of drive three potentiometer, equipment manufacturers can use not only, and equipment use, also can use, to the user's requirements is extremely low. Really sine wave, vector and the way of filter was used to control current, minimum speed can be controlled in 0.2 r/min, and the motor running very smooth and stable, this servo motor can't even do that.

This is the advantage of closed relative to the stepper motor servo motor, high-performance servo motor do not have.

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